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QC data

Unity Next Essentials puts QC data management right at your fingertips

Unity Next Essentials gives you greater confidence in your lab’s patient results—plus increases how quickly you can respond to quality issues, helps improve your lab’s overall performance, and simplifies the accreditation process.

It’s easy to set up, intuitive to use, and scalable to meet your changing needs.

Real-time results and actionable insights.

Whether you’re new to QC data management programs, or are looking to upgrade your current program, Unity Next Essentials delivers:

  • Real-time reporting for immediate QC troubleshooting and corrective action
  • Automated QC Lot Viewer for planning efficient crossover studies and monitoring QC inventory
  • Intuitive interface for simplified data visualization and actionable analysis
  • Access to the industry’s largest QC peer group program to improve your lab's analytical quality

Choosing a QC data management program,
what you need to know:

For advice on how to evaluate your laboratory’s needs and helpful tips on selecting the right program, download our new Buyer’s Guide.

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